About Us

Boyd's Cajun Grill Express works hard to maintain the same reputation for excellence that Boyd's One Stop has established during the last 15 years. Boyd's One Stop has been offering the freshest ingredients for your kitchen for years, and, now, thanks to our experienced cooks, our freshness and flavor can't be beat. Our to-go menu offers great food at amazing prices.

Boyd's Grill isn't just about seafood. Try our burgers, and you'll see what we mean. We offer freshly made patties of 100% beef, perfectly seasoned and at just the right price. We are certain you'll be coming back for more. We also offer "street tacos" for only $2.00 each! The variety, quality and affordability we offer are just a few reasons why Boyd's Cajun Grill Express is a local favorite.

Boyd's Cajun Grill Express is located on the Texas City Dike, and we will cook your freshly caught seafood and fish and add the sides. Ask about our incredibly reasonable pricing.